Friday, October 7, 2016

Zach is 9 months old!

It's hard to believe that Zechariah is 9 months old already! He has now spent as much time out of the womb as he did growing inside of me. He is crawling now, playing with and getting into new things each day, and trying to eat everything he finds with his 6 teeth. He still loves his big sisters and everyone who looks at him and smiles at him. He adores the lady who cleans my house and babysits him when I go running. He claps his hands (and will do it when I sing "if you're happy and you know it!"), makes all kinds of noises, and yells when he wants more food (I guess that's how you get noticed when you have a distracted mom and 2 noisy big sisters), and grabs everything. We love this chubby, sweet baby so much!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

8-Month-Old Zechariah

It has been a few days since Zach turned 8 months old. He is such a fun baby! Zechariah loves to play with people and with his toys. He's close to crawling, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. With his four sharp teeth he eats a lot of finger foods (pumpkin, bread, broccoli, puff cereal, carrots, banana). He still nurses a lot too, and usually gets up once a night to nurse (I feel lucky that he does well sleeping...though I'm usually up at least once with Ariella or Zoe each night too). He enjoys rides in the stroller, being held by lots of people, and grabbing everything including hair, eyes, nose, and ears.

Big toothy smile

He has just started clapping his hands and is very proud of himself.

Ariella helping Zach hold his sippy cup.
Zechariah is still quite big, weighing 21.3 pounds. I love you so much, darling little big baby! Thank you for your smiles and snuggles and the ways you "talk" to me!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

First Day of School

We did it!

Today was Zoe's first day of (home) school Kindergarten! Ariella tagged along and did a lot of the activities with us...coloring, Bible time (Genesis 1:1-2), math, reading/writing (Zoe wasn't as interested in this part), history (learned about a timeline), literature, music/dance, science (cool beads that change color with ultraviolet light). Each subject took only a few minutes. Zach took a nice long nap during our school time.

It feels significant that Zoe is 5 and has started school and that I am her teacher. There is a lovely little American International school here...but it starts with first grade. So this year I get to teach Zoe! Once a week she will have class with her same-age friends--art, science, gym--with the moms taking turns teaching. I hope this will help them to be prepared to be in a classroom together next year. The things that I remember learning in Kindergarten are mostly social. What do you say when you need to use the bathroom? Who is popular? What do you do in class and at recess? I think it will be fun getting to experience Kindergarten all over again this year with Zoe (and then likely later with Ariella and Zach).

Of course we took some cute photos!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Zach is 7 months old!

This adorable guy is 7 months old! He loves to smile and interact with people, and to bite things with his two bottom teeth. Although he puts everything in his mouth, he does not enjoy solid food (yet).

Zach weighs 20 pounds and has just started wearing 18 month clothes.
Ewww, what are you feeding me?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Happy 6 month birthday, Zach!

In the midst of moving (just 2 houses away) and being sick, I didn't forget that this little darling turned half a year old last week! Zechariah is a delight! He currently really wants to be held while he's falling asleep, and enjoys falling asleep in the arms of my house helpers and neighbors. He likes watching us eat, but has not liked the bits of banana that I fed him. He really enjoys grabbing at everything and putting it in his mouth. His weight gain is slowing down a bit--he weighs in at 19.5 pounds. Happy half-a-year, Little Love! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Zechariah is 5 months old!

Yes, this baby is 5 months old today! He weighs just over 19 lbs and is (still) wearing 12 month clothes. Zach is very interactive now. He loves to make eye contact, smile, laugh, "talk," watch his sisters, grab at everything (keep your hair away!), and is starting to play with toys. He stares intently at us while we eat. Just one more month before you get to start that, little buddy! Zechariah goes by several other names including Zach, Zakharia (his name in Indonesian), Zachy, Zakaroni, and Zack-attack. I think that he resembles Zoe's baby photos--the only part of his appearance that reminds me of myself is his eyes. Maybe he'll look a lot like his Daddy. :)

We love our big-little Zachy so much!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

How I get veggies and fruit

As a mom of little people, still getting adjusted back to life where fresh fruit and veggies are sold in open markets, I find getting out to shop to be difficult. Here in Wamena I am so very blessed to have two ladies come by on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and sell me fresh food right on my porch! I never know exactly what they will bring (though there are pretty much always pineapples). In that way this is a bit like a farm share... My sister learned lots of new way to cook greens and started drinking green smoothies when she had a farm share because she received all kinds of veggies that she had never bought at a store. Similarly, it is fun to buy whatever these ladies bring and then think about ways to use them.

Here is a photo of all the food that I purchased on Tuesday, after I washed it:

If you are interested, here is a list of the veggies and fruit and of what I paid for each item:
wortel (carrots) $4.50
ketimun (cucumber) $1.50
salada (lettuce) $0.75
nenas (pineapple) $0.75
tomat (tomatoes) $1.85
pisang (bananas) $8.15
kol bunga (cauliflower) $3.70
alpokat (avocado) $0.75
jeruk manis (oranges that are green on the outside) $1.50
mulberries (the lady picks them from bushes at her house and calls them blue berry, but I know that they're not blueberries. my girls gobble them up!) $1.50
markisa --free because Ariella is so cute and asked for some
green onions $0.75
papaya $2.25
total: less than $30.

We eat the fruit plain and in smoothies. Yum! Pineapples here are very ripe and sweet. The cherry tomatoes are not from the usual fruit ladies, but are from the garden of Hosanna, the woman who helps me to clean my house. Here is a photo of her with Zach (who adores her):

I am so very grateful for these strong and resourceful women and for their help in feeding my family!